The Eleaf iCare Solo, Salt E-Liquid – A Breakdown & Review

The Eleaf iCare Solo, Salt E-Liquid – A Breakdown & Review

The Eleaf iCare Solo

Yet again, another Mouth-To-Lung device. This time we’re looking the Eleaf Solo with the use of Nicotine Salts. Both the Eleaf Solo and Nicotine Salts by Solace will be discussed in depth!




1.75″ x 1.375″ x 4.25″


Teal, Gold, White, Black, Red


Approx. 31 Grams. (About half the weight of a AA Battery)

Tank Size:


Battery Capacity:



About Nicotine Salts

Nicotine Salts are very similar to Nicotine base (which would be found in traditional cigarettes and regular e-liquid alike) however they have a few differences which make them revolutionary. Nicotine Salt is a compound containing nicotine and other organic components. Short and sweet, this provides a more stable molecule, born Nicotine Salts. The benefits of Nicotine salts are what draw the eye. Expect to see:

  • Quicker Satisfaction
  • Smoother Draw on the throat and lungs
  • A Heavier Nicotine Rush
  • Longer Shelflife
  • Less E-Liquid Consumption

Generally speaking nicotine salts come in higher nicotine ratings. In this article you’ll see me using 50mg/ml, generally speaking I vape 3mg Nicotine when it’s in it’s “freebase” form. The important thing to remember is you NEVER want to put Nicotine Salts in ANY device that is NOT a Mouth to Lung Device. This could potentially be dangerous as too much nicotine can be absorbed. The purpose of Nicotine Salts is to give you the satisfaction of higher nicotine without dealing with the harshness of freebase.

The Breakdown

If you read our Breakdown on the Aspire Breeze, than this will be real simple for you. It’s practically set up the same way. If not, read along! First off, we’ll want to take the black plastic cap off the iCare Solo. With a little bit of pressure it comes off quite easy.

You’ll notice once the black cap comes off there’s a protruding piece of metal, this piece is what will eventually hold your coil and will act as a straw for vapor to funnel through to your mouth. On the bottom of the cap [pictured below] there’s two notches on the sides, these act as key to unscrew that “straw”.



Go ahead and put (either) side of the cap over the “straw” and unscrew. You can also use your fingers if the straw it’s self isn’t screwed in too tightly.

Once you’ve unscrewed the “straw” you’ll be able to pull it out, and set it aside. You should end up with something that looks like this:


Grab everything out of your box, you have goodies! Included are: (2) Coils, a Micro USB charging cable as well as a manual.

Grab a coil (they’re both the same) and Prime the coil. Any device you ever have, will most likely require some degree of “Priming” So you’ll most likely hear this word a lot around your local Vape Shop. The act of priming is prepping the coil for use. Each coil may be a little bit different, but the general idea is the same. If you skip this part you may end up with some burnt flavor and, possibly a ruined coil. What we’re going to do is find the tiny holes on the coil and dab a little bit of e-liquid on each hole. Allow it to soak slowly into the cotton. You can see the method below:

Easy enough yeah?! On to the next equally easy part! You’ll want to screw the coil into the “straw” that we talked about earlier.

The coil should screw in snug, save yourself some frustration later on and don’t over tighten it! Snug is perfectly fine. Once it’s screwed on, set it aside and grab the iCare Solo. As you can see from the picture below, there’s a black line going across the built-in tank. That’s your fill line, you do not want to fill above this line as it may cause spillage and leaking once you put the device back together.

On the very top if your fill hole, go ahead and fill it up until the liquid reaches that black line.

Once filled up, go ahead and screw that “straw” back into the tank using the procedure we talked about earlier. I find you can get it screwed in about 9/10s of the way with just your finger tips, and finish it off with the mouth piece. Once finished, you’re all set to take your first glorious drag! Press the button and bring the vapor to your mouth, then your lungs like you would a cigarette!






The Eleaf iSolo is a great device for someone looking to get into vaping with a low cost. It plays nice with Nicotine Salts by giving you a flavorful and fulfilling drag. The construction of the device is built well, the only possible complaint I could find would be the construction of the mouthpiece and how it acts as a tool. I could see prolong usage could result in a mouthpiece that may crack if used too hard on unscrewing that “straw”. At Empire we sell these devices for $24.99 which is hard to complain about. Whether your a experienced vaper, or a new potential vaper, this device will suit you for your needs. If you liked this blog, please drop a comment and subscribe to us! Questions? Comments or Suggestions? Send us a message on our Facebook


Aspire Breeze – Review

Aspire Breeze – Review

The Aspire Breeze

There was a time when MTL (Mouth-To-Lung) devices were merely simple, inadequate and quite honestly clunky. Back in the days of CE5 Tanks and Vision Spinners you could expect to get inconsistent draws, burnt hits and irregular durability. Those times are over, today we’re going to break down the Aspire Breeze and see what makes this little piece of ingenuity tick.




3.5″ x 1.5″ x .75″


Grey, Red, Black, Cyan/Blue


Approx. 73 Grams. (A tad lighter than a Deck of Cards)

Tank Size:


Battery Capacity:



The Breakdown

The breakdown of the Breeze is, well… a breeze. The Aspire Breeze comes with a nifty mouth cap that snaps on to help protect your mouth piece as well as keep dirt and debris out of the holes and chamber. Once removed, you remove the mouth piece (grab on tight and pull). Without too much effort you’re now looking at the chamber (pictured on the right) and the sensor (picture on left). The Sensor allows it to detect when you take a drag off the device, it automatically activates the device and starts vaporizing the liquid inside.

[Pictured Left is the Sensor that activates the auto-draw, Pictured Right is the Chamber where the Vapor is dispersed]


Next go ahead and grab your mouth piece, you’ll notice on the bottom there’s a thin piece of metal that acts as as a tool. That piece of metal fits perfectly into the grooves of the chamber which allow you to unscrew and pull out.


Pictured below is the complete disassembly of the Aspire Breeze, it’s THAT easy.


[The complete breakdown of the Aspire Breeze]


If you grab your box which your Aspire Breeze came in, you’ll notice it was packaged with a few goodies.

Included Are: (2) 0.6Ohm Coils and a USB Charging Cable.

Go on and grab one of the coils from the box. You’ll notice one of the ends of the coil has threads, these threads are made to screw into the bottom of the chamber we talked about earlier.


This creates a tight seal which allows no leaking or gurgling when taking a drag. Pictured below is how the the Coil and Chamber should look after being screwed together. As you can see, one of the major selling points to Aspire’s new device is the COILS. The Wicking port is enormous compared to most MTL devices. This allows your draws to not only be flavorful, but thick as well. Without Flavor and Production, what’s the point in Vaping? A+ to Aspire on these coils.

We’re getting to the final steps, all that’s left to do is fill your tank up with your favorite E-Liquid and Prime your coil.


Filling your Breeze is a piece of cake. The biggest confusion people tend to have when it comes to these All in One MTL devices is where the e-liquid goes. Something just doesn’t seem right pouring e-liquid into a gaping hole placed directly inside an electronic device.. but I assure you, it’s correct. You’ll notice (not pictured) there’s a Red line on the front glass of the tank. This is the max capacity you should fill to. By overfilling you risk the chance of e-liquid pouring over the top of your device and potentially leaking into the REAL electrical components.



The final step before curbing your nicotine infused irritation is to Prime your coil. It’s recommended each time you install a brand new coil, to add a few drops of E-Liquid directly to the cotton on your coil. You’ll notice theirs 3 exposed areas of cotton on these coils. You have a large oval (pictured above) as well as two smaller circular holes. Apply liberally to each exposed area and watch the E-Liquid soak in. Once you’ve liberally coated the cotton, proceed to install the chamber and coil back into the device, the installation is the exact reverse of the disassembly.

Go ahead, you know you want to. Take a puff. One of the nicest additions to the Aspire Breeze is the capability to either use the auto-draw function (simply taking a drag, no buttons to be pressed) or you can utilize the “turbo” feature which involves pressing the button pictured above and taking a drag. The device can be locked by clicking the button (5) times fast, this allows you to carry the device in your pocket or purse without worry that the device will activate on it’s own.


The Aspire Breeze revolutionized the MTL community, they gave the consumers a device they’ve been longing for, a compact quality device that not only represents flavor the way it was bottled, but also allows you to have a great vaping experience!

We carry these at Empire Vape Shop for $29.99 come swing into one of our three shops located in Augusta, Waterville or Bangor.


The Empire Enquirer – Melo 300, Smok & More!

The Empire Enquirer – Melo 300, Smok & More!

Welcome to the the first edition of The Crown News, your Empire made resource for news in the vaping community and Empire Vape Shop updates!



New Device Alert!

Meet the Melo 300 tank from Eleaf!

          This tank is taking the subohm tank scene by storm, offering a stock, sub-ohm coil capable of 300 watts! Not only can this tank take the power, its pricing is hard to beat ($34.99 at your local Empire shop). While offering 5 packs of replacement coils for pricing at the same price a 3 pack of the TFV8 coils it can also utilize those same coils! They also made the filling port bigger to accommodate for the glass droppers and the twist caps found on many new e-juice bottles. I would most certainly suggest putting a vape band around that big glass enclosure. I’m pretty certain that this top-fill, with a 6.5 mL juice capacity will be a crowd favorite!


The Public Speaks!

“What is your favorite flavor?”


New Flavor Alert!

X-Rated by Excision


         So most of the time when you hear the name Excision, loud womps and hard drops is what comes to mind. In the last couple of months the dubstep artist has created a line of e-liquid! Most recently the Empire shops have received the X-Rated flavor from their line, it is a tart blueberry yogurt whipped up with other wild berries. I had the chance to try this juice at our Bangor location and it is definitely a great blueberry flavor! If you are a fan of fruity, creamy flavors this is definitely worth picking up, $24.99 for a 60mL at your local Empire!


Smok, Masters of Change?

         If you’ve been to a vape shop, you have probably seen a Smok product for sale on their shelf. Smok has been in the game for a long time! They were founded in 2010 and have made incredible leaps and bounds in the vaping industry. Most recently they have made available regulated mods and tanks that have vapor production similar to an RDA and mechanical mods. What this has done is allow someone who wants to experience the cloud chasers lifestyle without having to deal with the mess of dripping, and all the upkeep that comes with building coils and wicking. They were the first to utilize the dual coil cartomizer back in 2011, making a huge leap in vapor production and flavor enjoyment.   

       The latest products from this ever changing company is the TFV12, a tank that can handle upwards of 300 watts of power, and the GX350, a regulated, four battery powered mod that can push 350 watts of power! Smok just seems to be coming out with bigger and more powerful devices. Some jest that they will probably come out with a “TFV32”  that will be 5 inches tall and take 600 watts.

     At this rate I’m not sure if other companies are going to be able to keep up, the way Smok has been  producing new, more powerful and innovative designs is astounding. The future looks very cloudy with this company! I am excited to see what products Smok will come out with next!



FDA Update

          Here is an update sure to help put you in a good mood! President Donald Trump has nominated a new head for the FDA! Dr. Scott Gottlieb is his choice and from what we know about Dr. Gottlieb  seems to indicate that he is in favor of harm-reduction methods . Not to mention he is also a cancer survivor and served as Deputy Commissioner for Medical and Scientific Affairs at the FDA under President George W. Bush. For more information take a look at this source  by clicking here.



         This writer cannot stress enough how important advocacy is to protect your right to vape, please take 5 minutes of your time to check out CASAA (click here) for more information and to look at their website for more information on what you can do to help fight for your right to vape!

The Swag Kit by Vaporesso

The Swag Kit by Vaporesso

The Swag Kit

Today we have the Swag Kit by Vaporesso. This is a great device for someone who is looking to get started in the world of Vaping. The Swag Kit is a great starter kit because of it’s small, sleek size that allows you to adjust wattage to suit your personal needs!




2.0″ x 1.0″ x 4.6″


Black & Blue, Black & Grey, Black & Silver, Orange & Silver


Approx. 99 Grams. (About the weight of a deck of cards)

Tank Size:


Battery Capacity:

Takes one 18650 battery ranging from 2100mAh – 3000mAh. (Battery not included)


The Breakdown

If you’ve read some of our other breakdowns, then this will be real simple for you. The Swag Kit is essentially set up the same way! If not, read along! Grab everything out of your box, you have goodies to check out! Included are: (2) Coils, a Micro USB charging cable, as well as a manual.


First off, we’ll want to unscrew the tank from the device.

You’ll notice once the tank is off, then unscrew the base of the tank and it will expose the coil inside. Usually, straight from the factory, you will notice that the coils are screwed on quite tight. So what we’re going to do is unscrew the coil from the base of the tank and screw it back in, hand tight only! If a coil is over tightened, it could lead to leaking problems, broken gaskets, and possibly connection issues.

Next we are going to “prime” our coil with our E-liquid. This step is very important because we need to saturate the cotton inside the coil before putting power to it. If we forget to prime the coil, and just put power to the device, it will instantly burn the cotton inside the coil and could lead to damaged coil, resulting in a replacement.


Once the coil has been primed,  we can screw the base of the tank back on and start filling the tank with the E-liquid.

When you look at the top of the tank, you will see an arrow, swing the top in that direction and it will reveal the fill hole.

fill until your E-liquid reaches the top.

After filling the tank, we will screw the tank back onto the device.

Now we are going to put in the battery into the device. Positive side down. If you look inside the device where the battery goes, you will notice a big “+” and if you look at the cap, you will see the “-“.


After putting the battery in, the device will turn on right away. When you put your device away, I highly recommend shutting it off to avoid and accidental firing of the device. To do so, we’ll want to click the “fire” button five times quickly. Sometimes this can be tricky, the keyword being “QUICKLY.”

On the side of your device, you will notice a button… that is how you adjust the “wattage”, meaning power of your device.

This particular device has a rang of 5-80 watts. To get the best performance out of your device and coil, set the wattage to the middle of the range (usually printed on the coil). Ultimately, set the wattage to your personal preference, as long as it’s not exceeding the coils rating.

Once the coil is primed, tank is filled, battery is in, wattage is set to peak performance, you’re ready to vape!




The Vaporesso Swag Kit is a great starter kit at a great price! It features a chip inside that allows “pass-through” charging capabilities which is a great feature for beginners. What pass-through means is simple, it allows you to charge the battery via micro-usb cable instead of purchasing an external battery charger. The construction of the device is built well and seems sturdy. Empire sells these devices for $59.99 plus $11.99 for a battery which is hard to complain about. Whether your experienced or new to vaping, this device will suit your needs. If you liked this blog, please drop a comment and subscribe to us! Questions? Comments or Suggestions? Send us a message on our Facebook!