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Who is Empire?

Empire isn’t just a Vape Shop based in Maine, it’s a community. A community of caring, inspired and knowledgeable members who are dedicated to help individuals reach their potential and beyond. We know how difficult the switch can be, in fact 100% of our employees at Empire have made the switch. Our position at Empire isn’t solely in sales. We’re in the market to inform, to educate and more importantly, to change lives. Whether you have a question or need advice, Empire is your neighborhood one stop shop for everything Vaping related.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much are your vapes?
A. Great question! Price can be concerning when searching for your first device. At Empire you can expect to see devices and kits ranging from $20 all the way to $150+. Don’t worry, the latter tends to be devices aimed towards enthusiasts rather than someone looking to make the switch!

Q. I Smoke X Packs a day, what Milligram E-Liquid should I go with?
A. We have found, through our years of experience that two factors come into play. The first being what type of device will you be using? Generally speaking theirs two different types of Vaporizers (devices).
The first one being Mouth to Lung devices and the second being Straight to Lung devices. MTL devices mimic the draw off a cigarette, you generally get less vapor off these devices. They’re great for someone who’s looking to make the switch! STL devices can be compared to a hookah, the vapor tends to be thicker and more abundant, these devices are fantastic for someone who’s an enthusiast and enjoy thick plumes. Now keeping that in mind, if you’re a pack a day smoker, looking to purchase a MTL device, we’d more than likely suggest you start at 12mg. If we consider the same scenario, however you’re looking to purchase a STL device then we’d likely suggest 3-6mg.

Q. What’s Flavor of the Week?
A. Flavor of the Week is a special sale Empire runs weekly. Starting on Monday and running through Sunday we select a Empire E-Liquid as well as a Premium E-Liquid to discount. Our Empire E-Liquid gets half priced, 10ml Bottles for $2.50 and 30ml Bottles at $6.00. Our selected Premium E-Liquid varies in price, however it’s common to see a discount as much as $10.00 off per bottle.

Q. Does Empire carry XX Product?
A. Send us a message using the button below and we can let you know! We try to keep a vast selection of Devices, Coils, Kits, Accessories and E-Liquid in stock, if there’s a product you’d like to see in our store send us a message! We love recommendations!

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